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thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather on this tuesday. it is one of those mornings where you want to stay warm index -- in bed. >> at least this afternoon will be a little warmer than yesterday. looked at the numbers. 19 in berkeley springs, 27 in la plata, 30 in arlington, 22 in frederick. we are noticeably warmer already. 5 degrees warmer this afternoon than yesterday. i'd temperatures near 50. increasing clouds tonight will lead to warmer temperatures in the upper 20s. low 50's to model with mostly cloudy skies. a few showers on thursday. -- low 50's tomorrow. this picture is from bonnevill
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overlooking the blue ridge. moving at speed on the beltway at the new hampshire ave. looks pretty good on 66, 7 paul brown 0, purcellville. no worries through gilberts corner. 66 is unencumbered by problems between marshall and vienna. following breaking news from overnight. four u.s. soldiers dead after two army helicopters crashed at a washington-based. >> the aircraft crashed in the southwest traning area of joint base lewis-mcchord. an investigation is under way. the department of defense has not identify the victims'. now to our other big story. a courtroom showdown in the penn state sex abuse scandal.
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>> a judge will decide today if there's enough evidence to send a case against former football coach jerry sandusky. >> he is accused of molesting an endless. today some of them will go face- to-face with their alleged attacker. brianne carter joins us with a preview and the latest twist in the investigation. >> hearing expected to get under way at 8:30 this morning. it's not clear how many bud selig users in the states are set to take the stand. if a judge will then decided the case should go to trial. >> how many more children do you expect to come forward? pepsi will face several of his accusers this morning plan and we will hear for the first time they're accountable allegedly happened. this person represents alleged victim no. 4. >> there will be an adversarial platform. it will be uncomfortable, but he is ready to go forward. >> jerry sandusky starts with more than 50 counts of sexual
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offenses against bullets as young as 10 allegations that he denies. mike mcqueary is the only adult witness to an alleged attack on the child. but this testimony about whether he actually saw the assault as he told the grand jury or just hurricane it is being called into question -- or just heard it is being called into question. >> he is the only eyewitness. >> i want the truth to come out. >> i am tired of seeing my school beaten in the news. >> he looks forward to facing his accusers and might even take a stand. all that gets underway at 8:30 this morning. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. >> stay with abc 7 on their air
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and on line for instance updates for today's hearing. and tonight at 5:00, live reports from pennsylvania. the house is expected to vote today on a bill to extend a payroll tax cut and long-term benefits for the unemployed. it could face trouble in the senate if the democrats oppose a provision relating to an oil pipeline from canada to texas. >> a panel of independent experts will release a report on the oil spill disaster in the gulf of mexico. a d.c. council committee will hold a hearing today on a bill to reduce the speed limit in residential areas from 25 to 15. supporters say it would make streets safer for bicycles and pedestrians. but it could lead to an increase in aggressive driving. a hunger strike for d.c.
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voting rights is entering the fourth day. occupy d.c. protesters will move from mcpherson square to capitol hill and are trying to arrange a meeting with a california representative of advocate extending home-rule. occupy wall street protesters plan to keep up their efforts today to block its several west coast ports. they hope that disrupting the flow of goods will cut into corporate profits. ports in california and washington state did shut down yesterday. a man shot by d.c. police last night and died. investigators had not release his name. this started when officers responded to a call for a man high on pcp firing a gun on the 5300 block of clay terrace in northeast. the suspect refused to drop the weapon. officers opened fire. no one else was hurt. cracking down on flash mobs
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in maryland, a new plan getting mixed reviews. >> even some victims of the coordinated crime say that is too harsh. >> on november 20, 50 teenagers lust into the 711 store behind me and stole hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. incidents like that a little proposal to buy a montgomery county delegate. what it would do is hold whatever person is caught for all the items stolen in the incident. disks could send a number of participants to jail. flash mobs have become a growing trend in montgomery county in particular. advocates of the proposal say it's needed to keep the public safe. but opponents pink that it would impose penalties that are far too harsh.
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a proposal will be introduced in the coming legislative session. live in silver spring, ben eisler, abc 7 news. tuesday morning 31 degrees. >> still ahead slugging it all on the campaign trail. mitt romney and new gingrich. >> a troubling trend in a maryland suburb and a new warning from police. >> from freezing temperatures to temperatures in the '50s
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i am with the salvation army, reminding you to give of yourself this holiday seasondo. donates, volunteer, and make a difference. >> good morning, washington. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. tuesday morning. it is cold outside. a tough morning to get out of bed, temperatures in the '20s. you will have to scrape the frost from the windshield. 33 in the district, 24 at dulles airport, 19 in frederick, 30 in quantico 23 in culpeper, lexington park at the freezing mark. not as cold as yesterday at this time. we are seeing a general warming trend all the way through thursday. mostly sunny, 50 degrees this afternoon. mostly cloudy tomorrow with a chance of showers by late
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thursday. at that point it will be well into the fifties. cooling off by friday into the weekend. it might wintry mix possible friday night into early saturday. metro will reporting normal service systemwide. no problems to report for virginia, across the roosevelt bridge, 14th street bridge. looks good on the memorial bridge. police say things are quiet. looks good through rock creek park. looks good on the george washington parkway. traffic moving at speed. -- moving at speed on the beltway. 23 collisions resulted in fatalities this year. " of those killed or pedestrians. " pedestrians were struck between tuesday through friday. eight russian immigrants and --
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a russian immigrant and a woman from rockville were among those killed. not much to toast, but the champagne is pouring. >> a closer look and to the matchup between newt gingrich and mitt romney. >> first, an
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welcome back. taking our top stories. four soldiers died and two helicopters crashed in washington state. the crash happened in the southwest traning area of joint base lewis-mcchord. investigators are trying to determine whether they collided or crest separately. jerry sandusky it expected
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to face several of his accusers today. he's doing corps for preliminary hearing on charges he sexually abused 10 young boys. he denies the allegations. -- he is due in court for a preliminary hearing. there was a police involved shooting where a man was high on pcp and refused to put down his gun. ross ashley, a student at a nearby college to virginia tech walked up to a police cruiser and shot officer deriek crouse. the suspect was gone dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound nearby. no evidence that the two men knew each other. >> he is being remembered as a loving father and a dedicated public servant. >> 39 years old, leaves behind a
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wife, five children and stepchildren. thousands gathered for his funeral. hundreds of police officers from all across the state and around the country among them. >> it is safe to say that none of us wanted to be here. we would have preferred that we would have been anywhere else and that he would still be with all of us. >> one of his friends said he had the ability to connect with people and lift your spirits. a private memorial followed the funeral service. police arrested three florida a&m band members after they allegedly severely beating a woman during a hazing ritual. investigators say the suspects give the recruits a hardback her leg broke and she developed a blood clots. this comes around the time of an easing death of another band member weeks ago.
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charges pending for players in basketball fight between cincinnati and xavier after the final buzzer. the schools have suspended four players so far. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is launching new attacks against rival newt gingrich. he urged the former house speaker to return the money that he made while working for freddie mac. newt gingrich says mitt romney should return the money that he made buying and selling companies. ever and will not appellate comply with the u.s. request to return to a u.s. drone captured. they say the u.s. should apologize for evading -- invading iranian air space instead of asking for the unmanned aircraft to be returned. " is making. news in making.
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gold has lost some of its luster. sunny hoskins has that story and more. >> quarries and warnings for europe. most overseas markets were down overnight following a warning from major credit ratings agencies that set in last friday's european debt crisis deal did not go far enough. the disappointment is affecting the commodities market as well. gold is at its lowest level in seven weeks after its biggest one-day decline in three months. one reason is gold is priced in dollars and the dollar is doing well right now antitrust case is on hold regarding at&t and t- mobile a cure the wireless carriers have asked for time to rethink the deal. sales of champagne are bubbling. two years ago sales were flat thanks to the global economic
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downturn, but now the industry appears headed to a vintage year. >> champagne is always good. you can celebrate your success or drown your sorrows. >> especially on new year's eve. adam caskey is joining us on this cold morning. >> hot cocoa or haughty -- hot tea. some people even drink chicken broth at the vostok -- at the bus stop to stay warm. good bet this great picture from chesapeake bay. banks for lighting up the boat -- thanks. 70 degrees in hankou, maryland along with inwood west virginia. 20 in rockville, 21 in leesburg.
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not everybody is that cold. for the most part, we are a couple degrees warmer now than yesterday at this time. we will see the warming trend continuant through thursday. cumberland at 19. 20 in martinsburg, 24 dulles airport, 32 at reagan national. 33 in culpeper. a lugubrious off the water -- a light breeze also water. -- off the water. clear skies today, calm wind, high-pressure dropping. cloudy all-star southwest. areas of rain crossing the mississippi and ohio river valley. the associated with the next system that will affect us over the next few days. we will get the cloud cover clouds increasing tonight. mostly cloudy to model.
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late thursday, slight chance of a few showers will late thursday night and possibly friday night into saturday morning there is another system that could possibly bring in a brief wintry mix. not a big concern right now, but something to keep an eye on. 50 today, 52 tomorrow. rain chances late thursday. highs will into the fifties by then. cooling off on friday through the weekend. lisa baden's zumba class in this picture. >> we are promoting fitness here. not having a good time on the beltway with an accident. newschopper 7 is looking between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. one to do the right is getting by headlights are the inner
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loop side all the way to holy cross hospital, slowing down briefly out of curiosity near the mormon temple. back to you. >> thank you. 31 degrees. >> coming up, appealing to the almighty. does tim's faith matter of the gridiron? -- on the gridiron. >> next "anderson," the amazing melissa mccarthy.
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captioned by the national captioning institute tim tebow takes off to the end zone. touchdown. >> denver broncos quarterback tim tebow is getting the job done. after telling his team to another victory on sunday, many fans are giving credit to the power of faith. >> many people know that he is an evangelical christian. by all accounts he is an average nfl quarterback with the worst passing record in the league. even nonbelievers call his come- from-behind street miraculous. there might be another explanation. >> highly cooperative other-
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oriented compassionate, and the individuals, their teams perform better, their organizations are healthier. >> my faith makes me a lot better than i am. >> research says compassionate leaders are more effective and better accest motivating others. >> he has praised the law yes a lot. why christmas in january could be even more popular than ever. >> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will face his victims in court. a look ahead to the hearing. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. tracking the cold air.
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>> and a victim that goes forward with these accusations are incredibly brave. >> the scandal at penn state jerry sandusky's accusers are hours from testifying. prosecutor as could have a big set back on their hands. -- prosecutors could have a big set back on their hands. >> we began with your traffic
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and weather every 10 minutes. let's check in with lisa baden shortly but we begin with adam caskey another cold start to the day but not as rigid as yesterday morning. yesterday at 6:30, we had widespread teens and it is mostly in the 20's and we will continue to 13 thursday. we will be well into the 50's at that point. the sun up is not until 7:18 a.m. and we have nine hours, 29 minutes of daylight today. 33 degrees in the district right now and 21 in culpeper. we are on our way to 50 degrees with a lot of sunshine. high pressure over had so enjoyed the day to day. it will be a little warmer tomorrow and well into the 50's by thursday but you will notice added cloud cover and rain chances by late thursday. friday into saturday we could face another little weak system causing temperatures to drop.
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the beltway in montgomery county will affect southbound 95 out of laurel to get to belt bill and eventually to the beltway. delays will grow out of college park with a crash on the outer loop between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue where we go live with newschopper7. that car wreck has moved on to the right shoulder but look at the damage done. i wish that was a string of pearls. in virginia it is not as bad. 66 95, the green light, the toll road has typical volume. this is live at edsall road. we have breaking news -- four u.s. shelter's died when two army helicopters crashed at a washington-based. it was about 8:00 pacific time. an investigation is underway
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right now. department of defense has not identified the victims right now. a courtroom showdown in the penn state sex abuse scandal >> a judge will decide if there was enough evidence to send the case against jerry sandusky to trial. he is accused of molesting at least 10 boys and some of them will go face-to-face with their alleged attacker. brianne carter is live with details. good morning, it is unclear how many, we will hear from some of the accusers in this case as they testified in court this morning at a preliminary hearing. jerry sandusky's charged with more than 50 counts of sexual offenses against young boys, allegations he denies. his lawyer says that he is looking forward to the opportunity to face his accusers and would not rule out the very remote possibility that sandusky might take the stand.
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the testimony from former penn state assistant coach mike m cqueary is being called into question. he said he witnessed an attack in the shower and he told the head coach joe paterno. a local paper says his family friend told the grand jury that he spoke with him about the night of the alleged incident and that he told him he never actually saw any sex, only encounter that looked suspicious. the judge will decide the prosecutors have enough evidence for the case to be filed and this is said to get underway at 8:30 this morning. be sure to stay with abc 7 on air and on line for instant updates from the hearing and tune in tonight at 5:00 from a live report. the house could vote today on a bill to extend the payroll
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tax cuts and long-term benefits for the unemployed. it could be in trouble in the senate as democrats oppose provisions relating to a controversial oil pipeline. a federal judge in new york is expected to hear arguments on whether the government's decision on the morning after pill was constitutional. last week the health and human services department said the contraceptive would not be available to girls under the age of 16 without a prescription a d.c. council committee will hold a hearing on a bill that would reduce the speed limit in residential areas from 25 to 50 miles per hour. they say will make the streets safe but it could lead to aggressive driving. a hundred strike for d.c. voting rights is entering day four. the four occupy d.c. protests will move from mcpherson square to capitol hill. darrell isssa will be their
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target. demonstrators hope that disrupted the flow of goods will cut corporate profits out west. police evicted occupied ball -- baltimore protesters. police were in riot gear and there were several incidents including a stabbing at that camp. locally, police have no motive in the murder yesterday in reston. investigators say they're looking for three suspects. at the scene police found the body of a man who had been shot in the head. investigators have not released his identity or any possible relationship between the victim and the gunmen. there is no threat to the community say the police. we are learning more about a plan to crackdown on flash mob crime across maryland. this comes after a series of high-profile attacks in
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montgomery county. but one anyone arrested in connection with a flash mob robbery and to be held responsible for every item that was stolen. a dupont circle nightclub will fight to keep its liquor license from being revoked. the control board suspended heritage india's liquor license after three people were shot and three others stabbed during a november 27 incident. >> time is 6:36 and 32 degrees. >> still coming up, politico will talk about mitt romney >> the search for answers in blacksburg after burying a fallen officer. >> it is a chilly morning and will have another
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>> let's take a look air-traffic and whether every 10 minutes. >> doug hill is standing by. it is another one of those mornings where if you have not left home yet you will be scraping frost off your windshield. a few areas are escaping the with temperatures just above freezing. let's look at chesapeake beach
6:40 am
in northern calvert county with another glorious sun rise in progress. along the bay always winds up being a few degrees warmer because the water temperature modifies the air temperature. 19 degrees in frederick 27 degrees in gaithersburg and 21 degrees in manassas. some cloudiness is on the way and we will see clear skies with bright sunshine for a good part of the day but clouds will increase from a system developed in west and that will bring clouds tomorrow and showers by thursday. beautiful weather on this tuesday, near 50 degrees and clouds will come in tonight and temperatures will been in be in the mid to upper 20's. we will have some showers on thursday but it will be warmer and. more details in just about 10
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minutes. >> looking forward to those temperatures and a 50's. >> let's check in with lisa baden. look at this live picture of southbound 95, maryland. see how far out of laurel and they will merge onto the outer loop of the beltway. laurel beltsville, ought to 495 west out of greenbelt college park around to an ax and between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue that they moved to the shoulder. there is a crash now on the inner loop of the beltway on the exit that would take is to 95. allow yourself extra time. i would take either randolph road on the outside or 410/east west highway on the inside. school buses are running so the get stuck behind a bus you have
6:42 am
to stop and that will add time to your travel. there are options but to have to be careful. >> thank you so much. 6:41 and 32 degrees. >> coming up, christmas in january? why more and more people are pushing back the holiday season. >> the emotional tribute to a virginia tech police of a cert who was killed in a line of duty. >> we will have alex burns to look
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>> it's an outrage that he keeps raising it and i put an outrageous number on the table to pointed out. my wife said to me after made that i do a lot of things well that that was not one of them. >> that was a big bet that
6:45 am
backfired ny mitt romney says he is not sorry. alex burns is with us and more on that and why the republican race is taking a nasty turn. let's talk about mitt romney and that he made. he did not expect a backlash. was he serious when he said that? he said yesterday it was a rhetorical move to offer rick perry that bet. if one of us said we would bet a million dollars we would not actually pay that. he is a very rich man and he said $10,000 but his argument was that it was a rhetorical thing to highlight as an over the line comment by rick perry. >> sounds like damage control. he also upset that he readily admits that newt gingrich is the front runner. >> this is a real shift in the general political posture for mitt romney. a couple of weeks ago he was
6:46 am
embracing the idea he was the inevitable republican. nominee. he said he could lock up the nomination in january but he is not saying that any more. he said he will fight that all the way to the california primary in june of necessary. >> he still said he thinks he will win. >> yes. >> is it a healthy position playing the underdog? >> it might. he has been this sort of a live handsome, rich successful guy who was the inevitable guy that no one like. people will start looking at him differently now. they will look a new gingrich a little differently and figure out which people they actually want for the nomination. >> thank you. police are searching for a motive for last week's shooting at virginia tech.
6:47 am
officer deriek crouse was killed during a traffic stop. ross ashley, a student at a nearby college, walked up to him and shot him. ross ashley was found in a nearby parking lot dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. inflicted crouse is being remembered as a dedicated husband, father. >> more than 3000 people gathered yesterday for his funeral. among the crowd were hundreds of police officers from around the state and across the country. >> i think it is quite safe for me to say that none of us wanted to be here. we would have preferred that we would have been anywhere else and that deriek would be with all of us. >> his friends say he had the ability to connect with people and lift people's spirit. police need your help, they are trying to catch three men robbed the university of
6:48 am
maryland student. the released surveillance video. a university of maryland student was walking into his apartment building when two men approached him. one had a handgun and a student was not injured but police said the man used his credit card at a nearby convenience store. if you recognize the real -- these three men, contact police. we have news about christmas shopping and it says that more americans are holding off on buying gifts. 6% of respondents plan to wait until january to do most of their shopping. this could be a good move as many retailers offer bigger discounts than they would before the holidays. we would love to see your holiday spirit. send us pictures or video of your outdoor holiday decorations. send it to iwitness the very best will make it on air. we have had some great ones
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so far. let's check back in with doug hill. we were talking earlier about it being chile right now but temperatures will rise? it is sure looking that way the average temperature is 48 degrees to we will see temperatures a little above average. let's take a live look at the rooftop. in arlington. the sun rises still at 7:18 but it will be a beautiful day. we are rapidly approaching the shortest day of the year and the days will eventually start to get longer. another beautiful sunrise in an annapolis. these are some of the colder readings around the area. temperatures are cold enough to put some frost on your windshield. temperatures will rise into the lower 50's.
6:50 am
the high pressure still controls but there is cloudiness off to the west that will move in and we will see if you afternoon class with comfortable temperatures and we will have to deal with what is developing in the middle of the country which is a storm front that will take place and that will advance clouded mr. wednesday and some showers on thursday and things will clear out on friday. the high will move out and we will be good to go just keep an eye on that cold front. our hourly forecastle pushes into the lower 50's today with lots of sunshine. near 50 degrees today and a lot of sun and 25-33 degrees to night and low 50's and chance of showers on thursday. adam caskey will have a fresh look at the weekend in about 10 minutes. thanks so much. we will get over to lisa baden.
6:51 am
it has started out as a tough morning commute. you will not like these pictures i will show you in newschopper7. the delays began at the icc southbound 95 and delays are through college park in the crash started it all on the outer loop at connecticut ave. what along morning is going to be. in virginia, no accidents on 66 but delays through gainesville and manassas and centreville before and after route 50. >> 6:51. lady gaga might be a guest of the governor's in maryland. martin o'malley extended an invitation to her via twitter. he thanked her for her work in stopping bullying and you want to discuss the issue with her. there is no word on whether she will take up the offer. >> his kids are probably hoping
6:52 am
she will. 6:51 and 33 degrees. [ baby coughing
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] [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ]
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four soldiers died when two army helicopters crashed in washington state. the army says investigators are
6:55 am
trying to determine if the choppers collided or if they went down separately. jerry sandusky is expected to face several of his alleged accuser's today. he is due in court for a preliminary hearing on charges that he sexually abused 10 young boys. he denies the allegations. man is dead after a police shooting in northwest washington the man was firing a gun and officers told him to drop the gun but when he did not, police opened fire. the man's name has not been released. let's get one last look at their rose. -- let's look at the roads. we have normal delays in virginia nothing major. look at maryland, they are not happy on the outer loop near greenbelt after georgia avenue. it is 95 all the way down to the
6:56 am
beltway and the elderly, lanes are open but it is slow. hughes randolph road or east- west highway. school buses will join you as well. here's a look at our forecast -- not bad today, near 50 degrees with a lot of sunshine and tomorrow we will have added cloud cover lingering into thursday in a few showers are possible thursday but we are warming up. it will be fairly mild by thursday morning, we will start the day near 50. temperatures fall friday into the weekend. the chance of a system picĂ  pass to our south could possibly bring some precipitation friday night into saturday morning. with the timing of that, there could be a light mix of precipitation but nothing to be concerned about. >> thank you so much and
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to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expapansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
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